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Bazaar Boutique Residence is a 4-star hotel part of the Bazaar Budapest entertainment complex. The rooms are located on the first and second floors of the building, while the ground floor has different restaurants and bars with music until midnight.


Bazaar Boutique Residence is a smart hotel, with self and online check-in, mobile application-controlled smart locks, and with no reception and no staff on the spot. It is located in the middle of the bustling nightlife of downtown Budapest, where life never stops.

Discover Bazaar Boutique Residence, an elegant complex located in downtown Budapest on Dob Street. With 12 units spread across three categories – Standard, Superior, and Suite – you can choose the perfect space for your lifestyle.

The ground floor buzzes with a variety of dining options, while the first floor and attic house the cozy rooms, offering you the best of both worlds.

Welcome to Bazaar Boutique Residence in the heart of downtown Budapest. Found on Dob Street, you'll be moments away from the Gozsdu Courtyard and the magnificent St. Stephen's Basilica, near the former Jewish quarter, just a short walk away from the big synagogue, the Andrássy Avenue. Embrace the city's energy as you explore charming streets, delightful shops, and a range of dining experiences. Your new home situates you perfectly to soak in the lively atmosphere and culture of Budapest.

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